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Executive Members

President: Kevin Boese

Vice President: Mitch Hale

Second Vice President: Dean Murray

Secretary: Marsha Boese

Treasurer: Lori Bremner

Website/Social Media: Marsha Boese

Board Members

Trade & Craft Show Director: Jade Priest

Rodeo Director(s): Krista Gaber & Lori Bremner

Truck Pull Director(s): Tyson Stoski & Carsten Dykun

Chuckwagon & Chariot Race Director: Brittany Stoughton

Light Horse Show Director: Charity Cooper

Gate Director: Tyrene Crowe

Parade Director: Ernie/Norma Engbrecht

Sponsorship Director: Alan Gara

Small Pet Show & Display Director: Lori Bremner

Beer Gardens: Dean Murray

Life Members

Robert Gallaway

Gayle Donald

Barry Randell

Ida Wreggit

Bonnie Coukell

Don Stoughton

Lorne Smith

Dave McNabb

Isabelle Hayward

Doreen Dohan

Betty Taylor

Murray Stoughton

Dorothy Price

Wayne Banting

Stu Birnie

Peter Dubek

Bev Brinkman

Bryan Gallaway

Wayne McQueen

Bonnie Kasper

Mervyn Kotak

Susan Krahn

Sandra Dedio