Gilbert Plains - Grandview Ag Society 

  July 20th, 21st & 22nd, 2018  

Light Horse Show

Will be uploading the 2018 book shortly, stay tuned

Light Horse Show Chairperson: Charity Cooper(204) 648-4254
Light Horse Show Committee: Marsha Dudar (204) 647-1237
Light Horse Show Entries: Tracy Cholka (204) 629-2194

Our Light Horse Show is once again NAERIC approved, which means all NAERIC registered horses are eligible to receive add funds from NAERIC

Our Horse Show is also sanctioned by the Manitoba

Gymkhana Rodeo Association or MGRA. Members of this

organization can accumulate points for their horse/rider combinations

though four events...Western Pleasure, Reining, Barrel Racing and

Pole Bending